Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's only Wednesday?

While yesterday felt like Thursday, today felt like it would never end. For some reason my kiddos arrived early today and I ended up being out of ratio (too many kids!) by 7:45. On top of that, they all seemed hell-bent on killing each other today. There was a lot of pushing, hair pulling, scratching, and screaming.

It was exhausting.

And then most of them didn't nap.

And then I had to work late.

I was very happy when it was finally time to head home.

A couple of my pear tomatoes were ready to be eaten today!

I had an easy 2 miles on my training plan for today. I have a hard time doing 2 miles at an "easy" pace. I really like doing it a little faster than I'm really supposed to. Oh well. Tomorrow is a tempo run, so I will have plenty of faster paced running to do then.

Tom threw together a tasty tray for a nice, light dinner. So good.

Olives, roasted garlic bread, pepperoncini, salami, sopressata, sharp provolone, some greens and a pile o mustard.

Also: I'm in the assessment part of Anatomy for Runners, and I have "failed" almost every test. It's kind of depressing. Apparently, I need to work on some things.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A slow day, a good run, and Buddy

Today feels like Thursday, I'm not sure why.

Work was absolutely crawling. I hate days like that.

After work I did a little snacking before my run. I tried this fruit/veggie leather from my RunnerBox.

It was really good! Tom tried it and said it was "like a pumpkin pie and an apple pie had a baby." If I ever see these at the store I will not hesitate to buy them.

Then it was off to the basement for an easy 3 miles. It was one of those wonderful runs where you feel great and really strong. I needed that today.

I bought Buddy a new toy yesterday.

He already broke it. But he loves it (he loves all rope toys), so we're trying to see if we can fix it so he's not just ripping string out of the middle of it.

He's kind of a weirdo.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A brief book rant

I'm sort of a book addict. I have stayed up reading past my bedtime since I was young enough to have a bedtime. I used to get scolded for being anti-social because I preferred (prefer?) books to people. And while more books are pretty much always better, there are exceptions to that rule.


Some books are meant to stand alone. They should leave you wanting more, yes, but that doesn't mean that there's another book (or two) that needs to be written. I would rather be left wanting more than be given more and be disappointed.

I find more and more books lately are being written with the intention of being part of a trilogy. They are not all worthy of such a plan. Sometimes the story is not strong enough to carry on. There are some wonderful series out there, and I understand that more books (in theory) means more money for those involved, but there's a certain quality that gets lost in the quest for profit.

So please, if the story is told, accept it and move on. Don't reach for more and destroy the story and characters in the process.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

House hunting and lesson planning

We had a nice, relaxing Sunday around here.

It started early, because Tom is still on London time and I have lost the ability to sleep in. But we had a lazy coffee morning, and Buddy is loving having us both home.

This afternoon we went to check out a house we have been looking at online.

Cute, right?

It ended up being in worse shape than it seemed at first, and a little smaller than we're looking for. It was on a really beautiful piece of property though. It's fun to see different houses, there are some really unusual ones out there!

I spent a while lesson planning this afternoon. The end of the month kind of came out of nowhere for me and I didn't get started as early as I usually try to. Oops.

As usual, the weekend flew by too quickly, and it's back to work again in the morning. Such is life.

I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Busy running around

It been a busy Saturday over here!

I woke up early to meet up with my running group. I promised a new woman last week that I would be there this morning since I'm one of the only people who runs at her pace. If it weren't for that I would have been tempted to sleep in, even though I love running with the group and how nice my day goes after a good run on the trails.

We did our usual loop of around 6.5 miles in 1:02:25 according to my Garmin.

Of course, I'm glad that I went. It was a beautiful morning and a nice group of runners.

Buddy and I went to the dog park to run around for a bit. He doesn't really play with the other dogs, so I have to chase him to get him to run around. The other dog owners probably think I'm crazy.

Buddy loves the doggy water fountain.

We were both tired after our morning of running around.

Then I got caught up cleaning things around the house, talking on the phone and getting things staged for dinner for when Tom gets here.

And Tom will be home in about a half an hour! Buddy knows something is up, but he's not quite sure what's going on. He's going to be insanely excited to see Tom again.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My little lap dog

Happy Friday!

I spotted this pretty purple flower this morning when Buddy and I were out on his morning stroll.

Purple is my favorite.

I really enjoyed my kiddos at work today, but it was a very long day. About half of them didn't nap, which made the afternoon a little crazy. As all over the place as toddlers normally are, a class of exhausted toddlers is nuts. Plus I didn't get to leave until after 5:30.

This evening has consisted of beer, tacos, tv, and hanging out with my little lap dog.

It is really nice to just sit and relax for a while. I'll be up and running in the morning, so I plan to enjoy this moment of stillness.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Happy Thursday!

Every day closer to the weekend is extra exciting this week because Tom comes home on Saturday!

We found this little guy (Tom informs me that it is a toad) in our play yard this morning. Once they stopped screaming at him, the munchkins were really fascinated by him.

This was on the wall by the back door this afternoon. Tom said he would kill it if it was still there on Saturday, but I managed to take it out with minimal girly squealing noises.

Bugs and I are not friends.

Buddy assumed his usual upside down position while I hit the treadmill for my 4 miles.

Look how big my tomato plant has gotten!

Ignore the sun-scorched leaves at the bottom and focus on the fact that I almost have a couple of tomatoes ready to eat!

Yellow pear tomatoes are the best.

It was a nice night, so I grilled a burger and some zucchini for dinner. Grilling the zucchini was a really good idea.

Knife skills are not high on my list of priorities, so yes, those zucchini slices are all over the place.

Not a bad way to spend an evening.