Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Long Run with Watermelon Everything

I'm exhausted. I really shouldn't complain about it, because it's my own fault, but I just thought I would share that fact with you.

We stayed out way late last night and then Buddy decided to wake me up a little after 8am so he could have breakfast. He's kind of a brat like that. He chowed down and then snuck back upstairs to go back to bed before I could make him go outside.

After a lot of coffee, water and a bagel, egg and bacon sandwich, I dragged myself down to the basement for my long run.

I debated finding something new to watch, but decided to watch Mean Girls again instead. It's such a funny movie!

Considering how late we were out, my run felt great! I snacked on a GU and had some of my favorite Watermelon Nuun to keep me running.

I ended up finishing my 11 miles in 1:46:07, about a 9:38 pace. My ankle didn't hurt at all, which made for a really nice run.

I was feeling good when I finished, slurped down a protein smoothie while I iced my ankle (just in case), and then I got really tired.

We're supposed to get a bunch of snow in the next couple of days, they're not sure how much just yet, but possibly more than a foot. I'm kind of excited about it, even if it means more treadmill time. You know I not so secretly like my treadmill anyway.

Tell me something fun about your weekend! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snow Day and Trying Not to be a Lazy Slob

I was having a weird dream about running a race this morning. It was weird because part of it was running on roads, and then some stretches were run on a treadmill. I had someone handing me water while I was on the treadmill though, so that was nice.

My alarm went off at my Saturday usual 6:45 and I could see snow out the window. We were expecting a couple of inches (no big deal), so I got my running gear on and grabbed a cup of coffee. Then I really looked outside.

I wasn't so much worried about the roads as the trails. I don't mind a few inches, but this was a little much for me to run in.

After a one cup of coffee long debate, I decided to stay home. I'm bummed since I missed my run last weekend, I was really looking forward to seeing my running group this morning (though apparently only 2 people showed up). I'm also bummed because this means I'll be running 11 miles on the treadmill tomorrow. Any cute movies on Netflix these days?

Buddy was less anti-snow today than he has been in the past.

I even dug out my Xtratufs to take Buddy out. I haven't worn them since we left Alaska, and I forgot how comfy they are. If you haven't lived in Alaska (or worked on a boat), pretty much everyone has a pair of these there, they're awesome. I'm sure I'm making all my neighbors jealous with my super fashionable boots.

Since I'm trying not to be a lazy slob on days I don't run, I found a YouTube channel with a bazillion free videos - BeFit. It's pretty awesome, you should check it out the next time you want to try something new.

Any good Netflix recommendations for my run tomorrow?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Essential Things and Bruising

After running around all day yesterday, today was a much slower pace.

I had a leisurely morning with my beloved coffee and caught up on all the blogs I didn't get to read yesterday.

I went to the store to buy really essential things like molasses (so I could make gingersnaps) and tortilla chips (because they were on sale). It's impossible for me to go to the store and not buy a bunch of random stuff.

My run today was a nice, easy 2 miles with some bad tv (Vampire Diairies, I'm not proud). My ankle is still hurting a bit, but I might have figured out what is causing it.

When I first started skating in roller derby, I had a lot of bruising on my ankles from my skates for the first few weeks (months?) of practice.

Note the ankle brace above, that was for padding, not stability.

I bruise ridiculously easily. I've been wearing a new pair of waterproof boots a lot more lately to walk Buddy, and I think that's what has been irritating my ankle. So, I am taking a break from the boots and we'll see if the pain stays away. I'm also planning on wearing thicker socks the next time I take those boots out.

And since I have nothing else exciting to tell you, here are a couple of cute Buddy pictures to start your weekend off right!

Any exciting weekend plans?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Babysitting, Cleaning House and Speedwork

Holy cow, I'm tired.

I got up at 6am and haven't stopped moving until now.

This morning was spent babysitting a sick baby/toddler (she's between ages, I think they've decided to call that age "wobblers" now). Most of the time she wanted me to carry her and the rest of the time she was either laying on me, napping, or playing with the remote.

I got home, took Buddy for a walk and wolfed down some oatmeal for lunch. While I was babysitting, someone called to make an appointment to come see the house. We are not as good as we should be about keeping the house clean between showings, so I had quite a bit of work to do.

Buddy hid from the vacuum and I got a nice stair workout in moving things upstairs and down to the basement.

Since it was dark by the time the people came to see the house (and I didn't feel like going anywhere), Buddy and I just walked around the yard (for almost 40 minutes) while we waited for them to get there/leave.

Buddy had a great time smelling everything and really wanted me to let him go chase something that was in the bushes.

Once we were back inside, it was finally time for me to hit the treadmill for some speedwork.

I ran a 1 mile warm up, 3x1 mile with 800m jogs, and a 1 mile cool down - 6 miles total. I did my first two miles at 8:13 and the last one at 8:06. Not a bad place to start this training cycle at!

I was so happy to get through my workout since last week's speedwork was aborted.

Now we're relaxing with some beer and tv. I have a feeling it's going to be an early night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Red Curry, New Workouts and Fun Mail

I made super tasty red curry for dinner last night. I pretty much followed this recipe and added cooked chicken, broccoli and a bag o spinach.

It's SO good! We eat it over rice and topped with chopped peanuts, green onions and some toasted coconut (because I randomly decided to toast coconut yesterday).

I'm back to my training plan, which means no run today. I have speedwork on Thursday, so I wanted to save my legs. The other day I was reading a blog (I can't remember which one) and they were talking about Fitnessblender

Fitnessblender is another video workout site and as an added bonus: it's completely free! For real.

Since I want to be able to rock my run tomorrow, I didn't want to do anything too crazy today. I ended up finding a core/back workout that was a nice, easy workout. It made me focus more on form and muscle control.

I'm actually thinking about doing this after a run, I think the stretching and core work would make a really nice cool down.

I also did a quick arm workout.

Buddy was more than ready to go upstairs by the time I finished.

I got fun mail today! 

I pretty much live in this purple sweatshirt, so (with the help of a Christmas gift card) I decided to get another one in a different color.

I got this one in black. 

I also grabbed this tank while I was at it.

Merry Christmas to me! 

What's the last fun mail you got?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to Normal

I was having weird dreams and woke up at 7 for no good reason. Boo.

I'm getting into a routine now that Tom's back at work - my morning consists of coffee, breakfast, dishes, and a trip to the grocery store for dinner things. That's because I'm incapable of planning meals any further in advance than that.

Yesterday I told Tom I didn't want to start my run because I was afraid I was just going to have to stop again right away. I felt that way again today. There's almost nothing more frustrating than having to cut a run short because you're in pain.

Fortunately, the icing, stretching and compression socks seem to be working, because I got back to my training plan today with no pain - I win!

3 easy miles with a little stretching at the halfway mark.

Followed by some push-ups as today's #NoExcuses challenge with Sweat Pink. It takes a whole new set of skills to set up my phone and use the self timer to get these pictures.

I even elevated my feet for a bit after my run, and Buddy pouted until we left the basement.

He always turns his head away when I turn my phone camera on - brat.

Just in case it affects anything, I put the mat back under my treadmill today. We didn't bother with it when we moved it to its new home, and I'm wondering if it's creating more impact than there would be with the mat down. It certainly can't hurt.

I'm so happy to be feeling back to normal - there's nothing like having to rest an injury to make you want to run!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Race Sign Up and Running Again!

I was amazingly lazy on Sunday. We had freezing rain pretty much all day long, and I spent most of my day researching races, reading blogs and watching tv.

Freezing rain is dumb.

Buddy was terrified while Tom cooked dinner, so I threw his blanket on him. He stayed like this for about an hour.

He has such a rough life.

The result of all my race research is that I'm now officially signed up for 3 half marathons!

West Point Half Marathon - March 29th
Rhinebeck Hudson Valley Half Marathon - May 16th
Walkway Half Marathon - June 13th

The Rhinebeck and Walkway races are new, it's the first year for both of them. I think I have run more races in their first year than I have run established races. I have never been signed up for more than one half marathon at a time, it's weird for me to be planning my entire year of racing at once.

I'm almost 100% decided on a marathon, but registration doesn't open up for most fall marathons until April, so we'll see if I'm still stuck on the same one come April.

I ran today!

I haven't run since my painful, aborted tempo run last Thursday. My ankle has been feeling a lot better, and I took it slow. I did a legitimate warmup (which I don't always do) and stopped to stretch (and do some mountain climbers for the #NoExcuses challenge) every mile. I ended up running 3.13 miles in 30 minutes. I'm just happy that I got to run!

And yes, I iced after I was finished.

Hopefully this means I can get back to my training plan this week.

Buddy did as much adventuring as his leash would allow this afternoon. I think he was just happy the temperature was above freezing.

Do you plan your race schedule for the year all at once or do you like to play it by ear?
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