Tuesday, September 10, 2013


On Sunday morning (ok, almost afternoon) we left Anchorage and headed north to Denali National Park. It rained most of the drive but  even without being able to see the mountain it was really pretty.

Rainy day campsite
 We set up camp just in time for it to stop raining for a while and drove up to the resort area to find some dinner. At Prospectors Pizza we got the Boreal Forest pizza (reindeer sausage, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, goat cheese, fresh oregano and marinara) and they had about 50 beer taps to choose from so we were pretty happy.

The campground was really beautiful

After dinner we had a fire and relaxed at our campsite. The sky finally cleared right before we went to bed and we had an awesome view of the stars.

This morning the clouds returned so we decided to move on.  There wasn't much of a reason to stick around if we couldn't see the mountain!

A very windy viewpoint near Denali .

We drove up through Fairbanks, grabbed lunch and continued on to Tok.  The sun actually came out today and it was our first full day without rain since before we left Kodiak.

On that note, here are some shots from the drive today:

Tomorrow we head into Canada so we will be without cell phones until we get to Washington this weekend (most likely Sunday).  We will try to keep you updated here and on facebook so no one (moms, we're looking at you) will worry that we have gone missing.

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  1. Beautiful pictures....glad you are having fun. Canada should be beautiful as we are getting fall colors here. Be safe...thanks for the news
    Love, me


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