Monday, September 2, 2013


Hey friends and family (as I imagine no one else will be reading this).  I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone updated about our road trip.

The Scamp right after we picked it up from trooper jail

We were really lazy and didn't take any "before" photos.  Just picture a lot of fake wood paneling, sharpied graffiti, and pieces missing.

The inside of the Scamp all fancied up!

Saturday marked my last day at work.  It was a crazy busy day which was kind of a fitting way to end my time there after such a busy summer. 

I signed up for The Sleepy Hollow 10K in October so I've been running again.  I really enjoy my runs and it will be nice to head out for a few miles on the road trip after sitting in the Jeep for hours on end.  I have also been using this as an excuse to buy fun new running things, like these shoes, and a GPS watch - which I obviously really needed.


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