Friday, September 13, 2013

Watson Lake and Meziadin Lake

We didn't technically go to Watson Lake yesterday but stayed in a campground just outside of town called Nugget City.  There was a little restaurant with pretty tasty food and some entertaining characters around for us to observe while we ate.
Look how tiny our trailer looks!
Today was a long day of driving, about 350 miles on winding roads with beautiful views. There were a couple of animal sightings today, two little black bears and some horses wearing cowbells. Now we're hanging out at our campsite by Meziadin Lake having a fire and enjoying the break from the car.  Tomorrow we're off to Prince George, it's supposed to be around 80 degrees there and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for such temperatures after being on Kodiak for the last couple years!  It's also our second-to-last stop in Canada.
At the Nugget City rv park
The long trek to the bathroom at Nugget City
Horses on the road, and my dirty windshield
Pretty stop to fuel up
Meziadin Lake

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