Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 10k

On Saturday I actually had to set an alarm (it's been a while) so that I could get to the Sleepy Hollow 10k on time. There were a lot of people in costumes, I can't imagine running in all that polyester, and there was a headless horseman.
This photo was borrowed from the Rivertown Runners Shutterfly page
I was really under-trained (that whole run on the road trip plan didn't really work out as intended) so I went into the race with my only goal being to complete the run. The course was pretty hilly - Tom informs me that it's just like that around here - so I was happy that I made it to the end without taking any walk breaks.
Also borrowed from the Shutterfly page
This was the best of the unflattering photos I found from the race. There was one last killer hill right before the finish, that's why I look like I'm breathing strangely.

Other than the race I have just been trying to get things unpacked and organized. Well, not very organized, but the intention is there!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We made it!

About 14 hours after we started out this morning, including a stop for Tom to replace the power steering pump (which decided today was a good day to die) and traffic caused by a semi catching on fire hours before we got there (and people being idiots when it comes to merging) we finally made it home! Now excuse me while I go sleep for many, many hours.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm lazy

I've been terrible about blogging the last few days and will continue to be terrible today. We're currently in Ohio and are planning on getting to New York this evening. It's day 32 since we started our trip and we're both ready to not have to wake up and drive anywhere tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from Tom's cousin Brian's house in Illinois.

Friday, October 4, 2013

To Oz!

Yesterday we woke up to a rather impressive thunderstorm. Before we went to bed the night before, the host at the RV park we were staying at told us it was going to rain in the morning.  We looked up at the clear sky and both thought "yeah, right." I guess he knew what he was talking about.

The Oz Museum was fun.  It didn't look very big from the outside but were surprised at how many rooms there were to go through. They had memorabilia from all the different movie versions and of course, the books!
A first edition with L Frank Baum's signature below
 After the museum we hit the road again, this time for Hannibal, Missouri.
On the road in Kansas - check out the sweet beer bottle wind chimes
We're taking a break from driving all day every day and staying here another night.  The campground we're staying at is really nice, lots of trees and mostly empty.  It's pretty hot and humid, which I'm not used to, but there's a nice breeze keeping the air moving so it isn't too bad.
 Tomorrow we are going to Decatur, Illinois, to visit with some of Tom's family.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wall Drug

After being nagged by billboards since Wyoming we decided to stop at Wall Drug on Tuesday. What started as a drug store offering free ice water to attract highway traffic is now a big tourist stop. They have a cafe, several gift shops with everything from keychains to cowboy boots, and of course, a drugstore. There was also an 80 foot dinosaur on the side of the highway with no explanation.

The drive through southern South Dakota into Nebraska wasn't anything too exciting, lots of fields. We were surprised by the fact northern Nebraska has sand dunes though. Miles and miles of them.

North Platte, Nebraska didn't have a wide range of options for my birthday dinner but we went and had some tasty Mexican food and maragritas to celebrate.

Today we are heading to Wamego, Kansas so that tomorrow before we leave I can drag Tom to the Wizard of Oz museum they have there.

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