Friday, October 4, 2013

To Oz!

Yesterday we woke up to a rather impressive thunderstorm. Before we went to bed the night before, the host at the RV park we were staying at told us it was going to rain in the morning.  We looked up at the clear sky and both thought "yeah, right." I guess he knew what he was talking about.

The Oz Museum was fun.  It didn't look very big from the outside but were surprised at how many rooms there were to go through. They had memorabilia from all the different movie versions and of course, the books!
A first edition with L Frank Baum's signature below
 After the museum we hit the road again, this time for Hannibal, Missouri.
On the road in Kansas - check out the sweet beer bottle wind chimes
We're taking a break from driving all day every day and staying here another night.  The campground we're staying at is really nice, lots of trees and mostly empty.  It's pretty hot and humid, which I'm not used to, but there's a nice breeze keeping the air moving so it isn't too bad.
 Tomorrow we are going to Decatur, Illinois, to visit with some of Tom's family.

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  1. When you are visiting Carl, Brian, Tonya and Sydney tomorrow, how about face time????
    We are going to Perth in the morning, will have lunch and then be here mid afternoon. We are going into Westport about 5:30. Dad is here too so it will be fun to see everyone, let us know
    I remember taking you and Betsey to Hannibal. More later


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