Friday, November 8, 2013


A few weekends ago we spent the day in Brooklyn with one of Tom's friends and their neighbors. Both couples have kiddos and kept saying we should have one. We said we might get a dog.

Once we started talking about it, we both decided that we really did want a dog. So we spent a ridiculous number of hours on Petfinder looking at puppies. I want them all.

We emailed one rescue about a puppy who ended up being spoken for, but they told us about another dog that they had, Buddy.  He sounded like a really cool dog, so we drove up to Connecticut to meet him. And then we took him home.
Buddy isn't a puppy, but that saves us the trouble of house training him. The Rescue thinks he's around 4 years old and possibly a boxer mix. We think he may have some pit bull in him as well.
 Buddy is super sweet and has clearly had basic training. He's been coming on runs with me and has been doing really well. He just wants to be friends with everyone. He's also really good motivation for me to get out and run.
Buddy is a little obsessed with Tom (he cries when Tom leaves the house or gets out of the car without him). And he's never happier than when we let him up on the couch. He's a pretty cool dog.

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