Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decals - harder than you might think

Most of today was spent rearranging my classroom, unpacking toys and putting decals up on the wall. I think I made my boss nervous with my room organizing face, but she seemed pretty happy with the setup and my mad decal-putting-up skills.

That's the train table in the center, it's full of knock off Brio trains and tracks. One of my references told my boss how much I like wooden toys over plastic ones so that is reflected in a lot of the toys she ordered for my room. We also have cars, super cool dinosaurs, other animals and people in this center.

This is going to be the "cozy corner" - book and circle time area. My gigantic (and the envy of my coworkers) supply closet is off to the right and we have the kitchen and dramatic play area just in front of the closet. One of the other teachers helped me set up the furniture and was an invaluable second opinion as we went along.

I also figured out how to work the laminator.

Now I have to work on putting labels on all the shelves and toy baskets (words and pictures) and start thinking about what I should put on my first bulletin board. Boards, actually, I think I have 3. They haven't gotten here yet, but hopefully they'll make it soon enough I have time to work on them before the room opens.

The director brought a parent through on a tour while we still had boxes all over the room and furniture everywhere. I think she's a little concerned about everything being ready on time. Luckily all the other teachers are super supportive and ready to help out when I have questions.


  1. The room looks awesome. You know what your previous children liked and didn't like, that helps. I think it's pretty cool that you have help. Sounds like a positive place. And yes, decals are hard. They stick when you don't want them to, yet:)

  2. So interesting and different, setting up a room for such little ones

  3. Fun! Also, do you need another Beatles for Children CD? :)


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