Friday, November 15, 2013


I think I'm finally done with all the address changes, new accounts and registrations! This morning I switched out my license plates and took my car down the street for its inspection. The place was super busy so I left the car and walked home. Buddy and I were going to drive over to the park for our run but since we didn't have the car we just went for a run around the neighborhood.

The hills around here kill me. I keep thinking they have to get easier at some point, but for now they are kicking my butt. I'm working away at my goal for Pile on the Miles, we'll see how I hold up once I start work next week.

There was a brush fire across the river this morning, so the whole area is a little smokey and smells like campfire.

Brush fire haze

 To reward my productivity I drove to Target and spent too much money. Is it possible to leave Target without spending way more than you mean to?

Essential snacks
And this shirt.

For some reason I couldn't leave without this

Please ignore my claw hand and the clothes all over the bed.

I don't really know when I'll wear it, but I really like it

I also got another shirt that will be good for work, it was my one good sale purchase. And I managed to not buy more running clothes that I don't technically need.

Buddy has been trying to catch a fly all day


And this is the look he gives you after you trip over him eight times and tell him to go lay down.


  1. It is impossible to leave target without spending too much money. It is known.


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