Friday, November 29, 2013

Fun with glue guns

I had to go in and get my second Tb test read today. Apparently it's a normal thing to have to get two of them these days.

I dug out my glue gun and tried to figure out the best method for my bulletin board snowman.

They didn't turn out perfectly round (the head part is way more round than it looks in the picture), but once I add the face and buttons (maybe a scarf and hat?) it should look pretty snowman-ish. I probably won't put it up for a few weeks anyway so I have time to fancy it up.

We're making the most of our Thanksgiving leftovers. Tom made stuffing with eggs for lunch, which was delicious. For dinner we're planning on making some chicken, broccoli rabe and stuffing. I might see if I can fit some cranberry sauce in there somewhere.

I couldn't help myself at the store today and bought these letter pads. They're going to save me a stupid amount of time that would otherwise have been spent tracing and cutting out letters for bulletin boards.

My voice is a little scratchy today, but at least it's back! I was really worried about what would happen on Monday if I couldn't talk.

1 comment:

  1. So glad your voice is back! I think your snowman looks cool!


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