Monday, November 25, 2013

Go with the flow

The heaters at work are all wonky. This morning some of the rooms were 49 degrees, and by the time I left this afternoon my classroom was 76 degrees. I think I prefer the 49.

I had to go in early today to fill in for one of the preschool teacher assistants who was coming in a bit late. No big deal as the lead teacher has been there forever. But when I got to work I found out that the lead teacher had called in (her son was home sick). So since I didn't know any of the kids from her room, and couldn't easily organize a large group of preschoolers who don't know me, I combined with another preschool class for a while. It seems like maybe there should be some subs who could get called in...just a thought.

We managed the chaos of the morning and then I borrowed a few of the kids who are going to be in my class to come hang out in our new room. One of the new kiddos was there with his mom so they came down to the room with us to help him get used to being at school (he's always had a nanny). They were overly excited about all the new toys (so they threw them all on the floor) but eventually calmed down and seemed to really like being in the new space.

I also got shanghaied into watching a class while their teachers were having a meeting with a parent. It was only supposed to be 15 minutes so naturally they were back about 40 minutes later. Luckily most of the kids were napping when I got there and I got the last few to sleep fairly quickly.

I finally got to have lunch 6 hours into my shift.

The keeper of the color printer was back at work today so all the pictures for my labeling got printed off. Then I had to cut them out, glue them to construction paper, add their label and cut them out again. I got about half of them done. Tomorrow I have to laminate them and then cut them out again.

It's a whole thing.

But on the bright side, they should look pretty nice when all the cutting and gluing is done.

Buddy and I had a nice sunset walk when I got home from work.

And then I was possessed by someone much more productive than I normally am, and did all the dishes and swept and swiffered the floor.

Buddy had the decency to wait for it to dry.

I think my boss is being extra nice this week because she knows that next week I will most likely be working long and crazy hours. I'll just start mentally preparing myself now.


  1. WOW.....lots of variety today. Buddy is such a good boy, watching and waiting for the floor to dry

  2. That's too funny, I just wrote the same thing at the same time!


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