Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guilty solo run

I felt a little guilty, but I went for a run by myself this afternoon. It was too cold for Buddy and I wanted to be able to do more mileage without worrying if it was too much for him.

You don't have to tell me how super speedy ridiculous my running sunglasses look - I know.
 I was actually dressed in a weather appropriate fashion (Mom, you would have suffocated). My jacket is awesome - even if people call it my space jacket, it's kind of shiny. It keeps me warm and it's lightweight, which it needs to be because otherwise I would never wear it. (I'm kind of sad to see the new version comes in purple - I would never have gotten pink if purple was an option!)
It was really chilly, but this is why it's totally worth it to bundle up and get out on days like this:

I made baked Chinese Lemon Chicken (and roasted broccoli - I'm addicted) for dinner tonight. I found the recipe here a while ago and it has never come up in a search ever since so I have no idea how I found it in the first place. Thankfully I have it saved on my phone because I always forget to bookmark it.


  1. I'm telling Buddy. You guys are so cold. I have N.Y. Seattle, La Pine and Kodiak on my weather channel on my computer at work. I compare all of us. You win for coldest. That does look warm, what you are wearing. I went for a walk with Jacque at the Buskin river tonight. Really beautiful out. Good looking dinner. I had cheese roll up:)

    1. Oh Buddy totally knew, he knows my running clothes and gets really excited when I have them on. I got a really pathetic look when I put him in his crate.


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