Thursday, November 21, 2013


Buddy was catching up on some emails this morning before I went to work.

Today was a little frustrating. It was the first day I felt like I didn't have the information and resources I needed to get things done.

I was supposed to label everything, but didn't have access to a printer.

I was supposed to write up a daily class schedule without knowing the yard schedule, (since my classroom is new it isn't on the schedule yet) or the schedule for the playroom, or the extra activities (music, yoga, gymnastics) that happen once a week or so.

I was supposed to write lesson plans without knowing the skill level, attention span and personalities of the kids.

Any questions I asked were met with not very helpful answers and one not very nice look.

Then I took my lunch and regrouped.

I found the label maker and at least have most of those printed up, even if I can't print out the pictures until next week.

I looked at daily schedules in several other classes and wrote up a rough daily schedule.

I thought of some basic themes and started organizing my ideas for all the areas we have curriculum for (Circle time, Language, Music/Movement, Art, Centers, Science and Specials like sensory and cooking).

I got to spend a few hours with one of the preschool rooms because their teachers had to leave early and met some super sweet kids. They even tracked me down after I left their room to give me some art they did.

Which is exactly the kind of thing that makes this morning's frustration totally worth it.

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  1. So wonderful when it all turns around so quickly.....after all it is all about the kids. It doesn't matter if they are pre-school or high school, they let you know.


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