Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Runaway Dumpster

I totally failed to get an update done yesterday. I'm fighting off a cold and have been running around crazy trying to get ready for my class to open on Monday.

There was a Thanksgiving feast at work today for the kids. All the toddler and preschool rooms ate together in the playroom, I did my best to stay out of the chaos.

I spent my day at work trying to make the room look finished (and totally forgot to take a picture for you) and working on my welcome letter, newsletter and lesson planning. It all seems to be coming together, though maybe not by Monday. I still don't have a trash can.

Speaking of trash cans:

One of the dumpsters by the house decided to take a drive down the hill this morning while Tom and Buddy were outside. Tom was ready to try to deflect it if it looked like it was going to hit a car, but luckily it cruised past and fell into the yard.

It's still sitting there.

This is what Buddy does when you tell him to get off the couch.

And these are the kind of things Tom comes home to now that I'm back at work. Any guesses what this will be when I finish it? I'll give you a hint, it's winter related.

I love how Buddy holds his toys, it's pretty cute.


  1. Do not let Tom try and stop a runaway dumpster, it would hurt him! Cars have insurance and heal faster. Is that project going to be a snowman? I think you have the cutest dog.

    1. That's what I said, but he insisted that he was just going to deflect it. That project will be a snowman! I saw it online and thought it looked pretty fun.

  2. Mr. Buddy is sure loaded with personality!!!!!
    Projects are a good thing....looking forward to seeing it finished


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