Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The exciting things I did today

Tom and I are ready to go back to being "retired." This whole waking up early and doing things is not very fun. I don't have to work the rest of this week, but I start full time on Monday.

It was snowing this morning. It didn't stick or anything, but it was still pretty - big fluffy flurries (those blurry white streaks in the picture).
Buddy and I ignored the fact that it had just snowed and drove over to the park for a short run. It was shorter than I planned because it was WAY colder than I thought it was going to be and Buddy has like 0% body fat. He also really wanted to chase these fluffy tailed deer.
I learned today that the grocery store by our house only takes certain beer bottles in the recycling area, even though I'm pretty sure we bought most of the beer there. Does that make any sense to you? So now there are a bunch of bottles in my car because I'm too lazy to bring them back into the house.

Oh and I also discovered that there is mold in the trunk of my car. Somehow. I should probably do something about that so it doesn't turn into a moldmobile.

Instead of doing anything productive I decided that it was a good day to bake a pie. The snow made it seem festive. And, honestly, I really just wanted pie.


  1. Lysol your trunk and then air it out. Nice pie. and great picture of the deer. Getting up and going to work is definitely a challenge every day !

  2. and I'm totally jealous of your snow. You are going to get more than me!

    1. It didn't even stick! It's just cold today, in the 30s.


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