Monday, November 11, 2013

Work! Sort of...

I had my first day at work today. Sort of. It was a staff development (training) day, which was nice because it gave me a chance to meet some of my new co-workers without all the kiddos around. Everyone was really nice and I'm looking forward to meeting the kids next week.

My class is going to be about half toddlers from another classroom and half kids who have never been in a daycare setting before (all around 2 years old). Next week I'm going to be spending some time in another classroom so I can get to know the kids who are already at the center and get to know a little more about the general day-to-day routine.

I'm also going to be arranging (and decorating!) my classroom. There are boxes full of new toys just waiting for me to open and organize them and bulletin boards in desperate need of some butcher paper. I have done classroom setup and such before, but it's been a while.

My class doesn't officially start until the beginning of December so that should be enough time to get everything sorted out and feel (mostly) prepared. Now I just have to work on my confident teacher persona for when I meet all the parents!

Unrelated: last night I had pumpkin pie with pumpkin pie ice cream. It was a good decision. 

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