Thursday, December 12, 2013

Highs and lows

Working with kids is always so full of highs and lows. They're very intense in everything they do, which means days can go really good to really bad and back again in a matter of minutes.

Today went really well overall. We had our moments, but that has to be expected. My grumpy little friend was out sick the last few days and I was worried we might be starting back at square one, but he recovered quickly after drop off and had a really good day. He even participated in art for the first time!

My bulletin  board is now back to being awesome.

The hallway is not quite wide enough for me to take a picture of the whole board. The kids decorated these wreaths at art today. I freehand cut all the bows, which is why none of them match and all of them look a little like butterflies.

I lined our sensory bin with a garbage bag to make cleanup a little bit easier later, and filled it with fake snow today. Cornstarch and foaming shaving cream makes a really fun, moldable fake snow that the kids really enjoyed playing with.

I also had attempted bitings, face grabs, pulled hair, and kiddos who refused to leave their cubbies because they "just need Daddy." Every moment of life is dramatic and all important when you're two.

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