Sunday, December 1, 2013


 In case you were wondering where the name of my blog comes from -

 I'm kind of a quitter.

That sounds bad.

Ok, I'm kind of a try a bunch of things out and not commit to anything-er. Is that any better?

I like trying new things, but I haven't found too many things that I really stick to. I have tried dragon boating, roller derby, welding, bellydance, guitar, various crafty things (knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, sewing) and I'm sure I've forgotten some.

Some things I stick with for a couple weeks and others last longer. Sometimes I come back to them after a while and sometimes I never think about them again.

My friend Tiny (a name I bestowed on her in college) is pretty used to me starting out sentences with, "Ok, so here's the plan." And she always listens, asks questions and gives the impression that she fully believes I will stick with whatever plan it happens to be, even though she knows I probably won't.

I got my "plan of the day" way of doing things from my mom. She used to stand in my doorway when I was getting ready for bed and let me know the plan of the day, sometimes coming back 20 minutes later with a new plan.

Mom and I on one of our many adventures

"Ok, so here's the plan" is also quite fitting now that I'm teaching again. Anyone who has ever tried to plan activities with toddlers knows how quickly your plans have to change sometimes. You may have an amazing circle time planned, but if the kids are having a crazy day, there's no way you will get them to sit down and pay attention.

Plan book madness

Always be ready to make a new plan!


  1. Your welcome. I think it's an exciting way to live. Everything changes anyway, so you might as well have lots of plans to choose from:)!


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