Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time flies

We got a few inches of snow yesterday, which now has a layer of ice over the top. Buddy was a little surprised his first few steps outside this morning when he dropped through the top layer of ice. He didn't want to stay out very long.

We braved Sam's Club yesterday and it wasn't any worse than usual. Every time we go there people amaze me with their total indifference to those around them. They stop in the middle of aisles, cut you off with their cart and otherwise act like they're the only people in the world who matter. It's annoying.

Work does secret santa. Rather than pick through all the names to pull mine out (I don't know people yet and they didn't ask if I wanted to participate) I was allowed a couple picks to get someone I had at least met. I still don't know her well, but I'm hoping she likes her goodies anyway. Some people were talking gift cards, but I think it's way more fun to have something to open.

Weekends go by so quickly. Back at it early tomorrow. 

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