Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Good (long) day

It was a really good day at work today overall. We had a packed classroom with ten kiddos and only two of us (yesterday there were 10 of them and 3 of us). And even though we had some meltdowns and frustrating moments, there were far more good moments.

Circle time went really well, all ten of them actually sat and listened which pretty much never happens. There's always one that needs to run around the room knocking things off shelves during circle time.

We made oobleck in our sensory bin today. The kids were fascinated by it and only made a little (giant) mess.

And we made rainclouds in a jar (starbucks cup) for science.

The bottom part is water and the top is our shaving cream cloud. We took turns using an eyedropper to drip rain (the blue water) into the clouds and then watched and talked about what was happening. It was fun to watch, most of the food coloring stayed just below the shaving cream for a while, but by the time I left work it had spread through the water.

Unrelated. This is how cold it was last night when I took Buddy outside.

That's a hat, a sweatshirt, my down jacket and my regular jacket. My nose was still cold.


  1. I like all your fun projects and New York looks really cold!

  2. I love the science. Betsey and I were just talking about oobleck I last week-end. There are some really fun videos from NASA and others if your kiddos would watch. It is 21 this morning....soon it will be shorts and flip flops. Have a good day


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