Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday clean up

After a cancelled flight, and several attempts to rebook, Tom is off to Las Vegas for a couple weeks for work.

Buddy kept waiting for him to come upstairs last night when we went to bed.

Tom's trips have been suspiciously timed. Time to set up the Christmas tree? Oh, Tom needs to be in California. Tree needs to come down? Time to head to Vegas. Coincidence? I think not. ;)

Taking the tree down is way less fun than putting it up.

The corner is much less exciting without the tree.

I decided for my next half marathon to get someone else to make my training plan for me. I have to have a plan or I just won't get out and run as much as I should. So for this time around I signed up for the Runners World Challenge. They send you a training plan, a book and challenge shirt.

Even though it will be my 4th half marathon, my current level of fitness made me choose the most realistic plan option - the beginners plan. While my pride wanted to pick one of the ones with a goal time, I was worried it might be too much too soon. I really want to avoid injury.

I finally did the math and I will officially start training on the 13th. Time to get better at time management!

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