Monday, January 13, 2014

I might have a hot sauce problem

Let's take a minute to talk about how much Cholula I've consumed in the last week and a half.

This bottle was full ten days ago.

I may have put Cholula on every dinner and several breakfasts since then. And it was delicious. I might have to look into where I can buy a bigger bottle, or add some variety to my diet.

Today was long. My assistant had to leave at 5, so I worked 7:30-6. We only had eight kids, which doesn't feel like very many anymore. I kept counting them because I felt like I was missing some.

At pickup a mom told me that I looked like I needed a nap. Her husband said, "Well, she was here when I dropped off this morning, so she probably does."

Half marathon training officially kicks off today. Fortunately today's plan called for cross training or a rest day. I don't think I could have made it out for a run after work. Instead I'll do some stretching and get to bed early. I'm glad I dragged myself out the door yesterday.

Tomorrow calls for two easy miles. Totally doable.

Now excuse me while I go covet some new shoes that Brooks has available for pre-order.




  1. That's gross. Are you putting it on weird stuff, or do you just tend to make dishes that go with hot sauce?

    1. Most meals involved black beans and rice. I don't put hot sauce on weird things. :p


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