Saturday, January 4, 2014

New running gear

I love new running gear. It's fun.

I ordered my first pair of compression socks (in purple, of course).


 I have only heard good things about them and I'm excited to try them out. Plus I used a gift card that one of my families at work gave me for Christmas, so they were pretty much free!

And I used my Christmas money from my grandma to get this vest in green.


 It's reflective and super bright so it is going to be great for running during the not-so-light times of day. I decided I had better odds of actually wearing a vest that I can layer under than a jacket since I'm strangely picky about my running jackets.

As much as it is just plain fun to get new gear, it really does make a difference to have the right clothes and shoes. Dressing for the weather can sometimes be the difference between a miserable run and a great one.

At least that's what I tell myself - I have to validate my drawer full of running gear somehow!

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