Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random things about today

Well, it's a good thing I went for my run yesterday. The schedule this morning said I was leaving at four, but they stole one of my assistants and I didn't get to leave until 5:30.

A little boy in my class bit one of the girls on the nose today. Writing that incident report was fun, and a little difficult to explain. At least I was right there so I stopped it right away (it could have been a much worse injury). Kids are weird.

I totally failed to take a picture of our art project today, I'll try to remember tomorrow because some of them turned out really cute. We started talking about hibernation today so we painted caves (1/2 styrofoam cup glued to paper) for our bears (craft pom poms) to hibernate in.

One of the girls has been terrified of the man who does music with the kids every week. She usually refuses to enter the room at all and prefers to be far, far away from it. Today I took her in and we sat in the back corner of the room. She lasted about half a song before losing it and we watched for a while from the hallway. We talked about how silly the musician was and how much fun her friends were having dancing around to the music. After a while we tried standing just inside the door and after a few minutes she was standing on her own, laughing and dancing. I'm glad I could take the time to work with her, because she loves singing songs and just needed a little time to get used to how loud and crazy music can get sometimes.

In lieu of new pictures, here's an old picture of Buddy that reminds me of Falcor from the NeverEnding Story.


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  1. I love the neverending story. Very cool comparison:) It's my Friday, so I'm relaxing after my new class. It was good.


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