Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reward system

We had creepy horror movie fog this morning. And black ice. Luckily I don't trust the ground anymore and do a silly shuffle walk whenever we leave the house to test how slippery the ground is.

It's positively warm out today, above fifty degrees!

I'm a lot like a toddler, I respond really well to a reward system. Sometimes I don't even follow through on the reward, but it works to get me out the door. Today I told myself if I went for a run then I could go to Target. But now that I'm home I don't really feel like driving there.

While he was very excited to get out the door, Buddy was not feeling our run today. I don't know if it was the rain/wind or what, but about half a mile in he was running next to me instead of out in front. After the rain started he dropped back behind me. But we still had to get home, so we kept trucking along, slowly.

I'm hoping to get out again tomorrow and Buddy will be pouting at home. He's really not going to like it when I get into my half marathon training long runs, he definitely won't be going on those.

Some of my new socks are foot specific.

I wonder what happens if you wear them on the wrong feet. They fared well in the rain, no uncomfortable rubbing when they got wet. I also wore my new vest today. It has lots of pockets, which is amazing and it didn't feel like I had a bunch of layers on. Plus it's highlighter green so there is no way anyone can miss me, even in the gloomy fog.

Buddy is exhausted.

He's also barking in his sleep and sounds like a guinea pig.

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  1. Glad you're careful. I did the shuffle walk this morning from my car to the building door. Ice skating with shoes on. We got a little snow, finally, last night. Now it's just clear. At work, watching the 49ers in-between working!!


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