Sunday, January 19, 2014

Round and round she goes

I waited until it was a balmy 34 degrees to head out for my run today. I had originally planned to head over to Rockefeller State Park for my long run this week, but the snow yesterday threw that off. The park is shady and tends to hold on to snow/ice for a very long time.

Instead I headed to a park that's close to the house and has a paved path (that they apparently plow). Each lap on the path is about .33 miles so it's a little bit better than a track. With the help of a Billy Crystal audiobook, I went round and round until I pounded out my goal of 5 miles for the day. I ended up with 5.3 by the time I got home.

I picked up this Chia Bar at the grocery store the other day and snacked on it a bit during my run. It was actually pretty tasty (and a good size to take with me on a run) so I may be picking up some more of them.


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