Wednesday, January 15, 2014

She Glows

I went into today with a better attitude and also had the chance to run the kids around outside for a while. Both of these things seemed to make the day more fun than yesterday. It didn't hurt that I got to go home at 3:30.

The luxury! I went to the store! Now I have food again.

I also went for a run just in case I have to work 10 hours again tomorrow. Four really excellent miles. I wore my fancy new vest - there's no way anyone could miss me in it - it practically glows! Good thing too because it was almost dark by the time I got home.

I love when I feel like this after a run.

It's possible that I pre-ordered the new Brooks Transcends on a post-run high. I love new running gear!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a great day! Glad you wear the vest. As a driver, in the dark, I love when people wear bright, flashing things!


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