Thursday, January 9, 2014


I told myself that if I got out of work early (during daylight hours) I would go for a run. I never know what time I will get to go home, sometimes it's 3:00, sometimes it's 5:30. We actually had enough staff today so my assistant got to come in at noon and I got to leave at 2.

So naturally I putzed around at home for a while and tried to decide if I was getting sick and if I should bring Buddy with me. Then I finally stopped coming up with excuses, got dressed, wrangled Buddy into his coat (he was SO excited) and headed out the door.

We did a very slow and cold first mile that ended with a wipeout. A chunk of sidewalk jumped up into my path and after a skip/hop/stumble and Buddy scrambling out of the way, I was on the ground. I'm totally fine, I just laughed, brushed myself off and kept going. Our second mile went much faster (and safer) though Buddy was definitely slowing down toward the end. He's now snoring away on his bed.

He loves when I get in his face and take pictures of him.

And I was pretty excited to finally get out and try my fancy new running socks that Tom got me for Christmas. Comfy!

Please excuse my splotchy red legs, it was chilly out!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you're ok! It's good you got fresh air, maybe it will chase the germs away:)


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