Friday, January 17, 2014

Work in a Fishbowl

My boss came to observe in my classroom today. It actually went really well! That's not to say that there weren't kids hiding under the table at circle time and climbing on the lid of the sensory bin while we were trying to read a story, there were. But she understands that they're toddlers and that's pretty typical. We only had a couple of little things (like labeling the diaper shelves in the bathroom) that we need to change. She only had positive things to say about my curriculum, interactions with the kids and the general flow of the class (transitions), which is really the important part.

I described my job as working in a fishbowl full of unpredictable two year olds to someone the other day. The bosses are always patrolling the halls and the walls are thin. It seems pretty accurate.

Tonight I'm watching movies that Tom would never want to watch (because I already finished watching the last season of Gilmore Girls) and eating Chinese food.

Yes, I did order two things from the Chinese place so I could get free delivery. This way I also have plenty to eat tomorrow while I clean.

Tomorrow will be spent doing dishes and tidying up all my clutter that has accumulated over the work week. And then tomorrow night Tom gets home! Buddy is going to have a nervous breakdown when he sees him.

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  1. Not a surprise that you would receive great comments, you obviously love your job and the little ones. Talked to Tom on Thurs, we are in Canada. Hope to see you both soon


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