Friday, February 7, 2014

5000 bonus points

I only took one picture yesterday. The parking lot at work in the morning:

Nothing terribly exciting has been going on here. I've been at work for the most part and spent a great deal of my time last night trying to do my taxes.

We had a really good day in my class today - only 7 munchkins and all in pretty good moods!

I was sitting in my car at lunch and it was so hot that I had to roll down the window, even though it looked like this outside:

I got 5000 bonus points from my boss for sharing one of my Buenos with her today.


 Buenos are the best.

And now it's the weekend! I have a couple of runs planned, but otherwise it's going to be a whole lot of not doing things. It's going to be great!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Hoping to get at least one good run in this weekend! Never heard of Bueno, but based on the wrapper ( chocolate and Hazelnut) I think that would make me happy!

    1. Pretty much all Kinder chocolate is wonderful, but Buenos are my favorite. My boyfriend bought me a CASE of them for Christmas :)

  2. So far, I've gone to PT, visited Ann and Sandy, put together a Valentines box for Nora, went to steak night at the Rendezvous with Jackie from the Smokehouse, saw that Jeff's truck was on fire in the parking lot, drank lots of beer. Now today I'm meeting Ann and her Sandy at Kings diner and then we are going to the open house at the new care center, then I have to buy something new to wear for tonight's Hospice Ball...that's it, oh and I talked to Midge in England!

    1. This is pretty much the best weekend update ever mom! Why was Jeff's truck on fire?


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