Monday, February 3, 2014

Blueberry muffin Monday

I was under the impression that we were supposed to have a few snow showers today. It seems I was misinformed.

My commute this morning was a mess, a slushy, slushy mess.

At lunch time I cleared about 4 inches of snow off my car and when I was mercifully released a couple of hours later there was at least another inch built up.

This month is all about colors in my classroom! I decided that winter is dark and gloomy so the room is going to be extra bright for February. We only had 4 kiddos in the room today so I had time to set up our new sensory bin.

It will never look this nice once I let the kiddos at it. There are lots of little toys, tissue paper, construction paper, pipe cleaners and a few cups from our kitchen toys. It will be fun to see what draws their attention. It is never what I think it's going to be.

For some reason I decided that I needed to make blueberry muffins (Grandma's recipe of course) after work.

Pre-dinner muffin snack anyone?

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