Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I got the 5am (way too early!) call that work was opening at 9 today. More time to drink coffee this morning.

While we were watching tv last night there was a weird sound outside. A kind of rumble. We thought maybe the rain was making snow shift on the roof. Then there was a flash. Thunder and lightning? But it's winter, and it was snowing all day...

No question about it, it was thunder and lightning. And rain. Lots of rain on top of the 8 inches of fresh snow. Then we got another 3 inches of snow during the night.

We had our little Valentine's Day party at work. There were cupcakes and strawberries and then the kids passed out their valentines. Only a couple of parents came, but it went well. One of the kids gave everyone M&Ms. They were all on a ridiculous sugar high the rest of the day.

I came home to flowers, chocolate and coconut oil. I know that coconut oil seems random, but it is the best thing ever when you pop popcorn with coconut oil. I have been meaning to buy some since Christmas and I keep forgetting, so it was sweet.


Colorful flowers are way better than the traditional red roses.

Now we're watching the Olympics and waiting for Chinese food to be delivered - excellent. 

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Have you been watching the Olympics?

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