Thursday, February 13, 2014

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

The snow is here, for sure. Tom drove me to work this morning so I wouldn't have to worry about getting my car stuck anywhere.

None of my class showed up. I worked on my big scary portfolio for a while and finally got the go ahead to leave a little before 10.

We're estimating that around 8 inches of snow fell today. Then we had some rain. It's supposed to snow another 2-4 inches later and then a couple more on Saturday. We are running out of places to shovel the snow from the driveway!

Buddy was very confused when Tom was outside shoveling the back deck.

Instead of enjoying my day off, my stomach decided that it would hurt if I so much as stood up. So I wasted my whole day trying to figure out what would make it happy. Some mysterious combination of laying on the couch, stretching, icing/heating my back and advil seems to have helped. Hopefully it keeps improving.

I was supposed to have a 3 mile run today, which seemed like no big deal until my stomach issues. I might try to make it up tomorrow if all goes well.

I won't know until tomorrow morning if work is opening on time, hopefully the roads aren't too bad by then.

Do you have snow? Are you sick of it?


  1. Yup we had snow too! Sorry your belly has been upset! Hopefully you'll have off tomorrow and you can rest and maybe make up your run!

    1. We got a late open (9am), which I'll take! We'll see how many kiddos end up making it in.


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