Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I don't wanna

We had eleven kiddos by 8:45 today, welcome to Tuesday.

For science this week we put carnations in colored water. The munchkins had fun checking up on our flowers several times during the day. My boss was happier once I put a tray under these bottles so she doesn't worry about me staining the shelf. She's very protective of the classroom because it's still pretty new.

For art we did a little valentine project, stamping with paper towel tubes bent into hearts.

Some of them turned out pretty cute. Some of them turned out pretty messy.

By some miracle, one of the kiddos was picked up at 3. That brought us down to ten, which meant that I got to leave work at 3:30. For once.

But then once I was home I sat down for too long and didn't want to do my run. I got started and then I got whiny. It was only a 4 mile run, but I was just in an "I don't wanna" mood. So I started playing speed games to make time go faster. I jumped around from a 12:00/mile pace to an 8:30/mile pace (and everywhere in between), running the last half mile at 8:30/mile and I wasn't dying.

It ended up being a nice reminder that I need to push myself from time to time, because I can do a lot more than I think I can sometimes.

What do you do to shake the "I don't wanna" mood when it hits you?

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  1. Good for you for making your self get on the TM and run! Your job looks like so much fun!


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