Friday, February 28, 2014

Indestructible, round two

I never really realized that there was a numerical reason why Fridays are so much better than other days. I have the fewest (8) kiddos on Fridays - of course it feels more manageable!

I ordered Buddy a new toy the other day. It's supposed to be nearly indestructible.

It's also made in Bozeman, MT, which is cool because it's where Kate is from!

If your dog destroys it you can send it to them and they will mail you a replacement. Pretty cool.

So far so good.

It has already lasted longer than the last toys we got him!

I'm getting a new kiddo in my class. He's supposed to start in May, which (in theory) means my boss has until then to find a third teacher for my class or I will pretty much be out of ratio all the time. Since I'm still working 9 and 10 hour days because they can't find a part time person for the afternoons doesn't give me a lot of hope for this plan. We'll see how it goes.

This tiny little red ball is the start of my sensory bin for March. 

Allegedly it will soak up water and turn into some kind of big squishy marble. This is my test one before I take them to school.

This is after about an hour. The package says it takes 6-8 hours to reach full size. 

I'll let you know how it turns out!

What makes your Friday better than other days?

Any fun weekend plans?


  1. Good luck w/ the toy! I hope they can find someone to help you out so you aren't understaffed. :( As a teacher I definitely understand how hard that can be.

    1. The toy is still holding strong - I think we may have found a winner! :) It is amazing how hard it is to find people who actually show up to work.

  2. Hooray! I even have a friend who works for West Paw. Hope the toy continues to hold out!


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