Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rough life

Today's long run wasn't supposed to be very long - 4 miles - but since I missed my run in the middle of the week I went ahead and made it 5. Next week is really bumping up the mileage - only 5 more weeks until the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon.

Decent pace for a "long" run.

Netflix cooperated today so I could watch the quality entertainment that is The Vampire Diaries - don't judge me, it's an addicting show.

I came upstairs to find the boys napping. Poor Buddy has such a rough life.

I saw a recipe on Pinterest the other day and just had to make it. Nutella stuffed chocolate chip muffins. The original recipe is here. The recipe says the batter is really thick, but mine was unreasonably thick so I thinned it out with a bit of milk.

They got a little huge when they cooked.

They're delicious - especially when you hit the Nutella in the center.

Dinner was buffalo burgers and sweet potato tator tots. Our burger patties turned out a little bigger than the buns.

Tomorrow is a training day at work so I don't have to go in until 10 - such luxury!

What was the best part of your weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Glad you had a fun weekend. The burgers looked good. Hope you have a good inservice day. I'm just home doing laundry and goofing off. Maybe I'll make some cookies:)


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