Sunday, March 9, 2014

A slow start to a productive day

I'm so bad at getting moving sometimes. This morning was a long drawn out affair that pushed my run back later and later so I didn't start my run until almost 1. I really was planning on starting earlier than that.

I managed to remember to start my laundry before I started running, so I hopefully won't be folding it at 10:30 tonight.

My legs were feeling a little tired so I decided to wear my compression socks for my run, hoping that they would help me push through.

Ten miles is far. It felt extra far today.

Buddy thought so too.


He's so cute.

Some random fun (?) facts:

I got new vitamins - I'm kind of excited that they're purple. We'll see how it goes, I've been taking gummi vitamins because normal vitamins usually make me feel nauseous (even when I take them on a full stomach). So far these are a success!

My current shoe rotation (on the left) and my old Nikes (the white ones). I wore my old Nikes on a walk with Buddy on Saturday and can't imagine how I used to run in them. They don't fit my feet the way my Brooks do - plus they feel heavy and clunky.

Buddy and I went on the back deck for a little while earlier. He didn't want to come back inside. This dog loves the sunshine!

Oh, and Tiny started her Couch to 5k plan today! Go Tiny! :)

I hope you're having a good Sunday!


  1. ahh new shoes, nothing like them to get me out the door even faster!! I can't imagine trying some of the one's i started in years ago, I'd probably hate them now

    1. New running gear and upcoming races are my biggest motivators by far!


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