Monday, March 10, 2014

Doggie jail break

About halfway through the day today I noticed a slight pain in my shin, down toward my ankle. Nothing felt off after my run yesterday, and I don't remember running into anything. By the time I got off work I was definitely feeling it.
So, now I'm icing it and hoping it goes away, because I have no idea what caused it.

I spent a while stuffing things into balloons after work. It's harder than you might think so I had to get a little creative.

I put oats, rice, coffee grounds, flour, and beans in them. There are two of each so they can try to match the textures. We're talking about our five senses this month so that's part of our "touch" exploration.

Buddy managed to break his crate today.

We might have to see how he does loose in the house if he's going to stage a jail break anyway.

Post-walk pup. I love how he looks like he just tipped over.

Now I'm off to cut eleven paper plates into shamrock hats for art tomorrow. It's ok to be jealous of my cool evening plans.

Do you have pets? What do you do with them when you're out/at work (crate, free in the house, etc)?


  1. Oh no on the jail break! Our dog sleeps in a crate at night but no other time. Oddly she'll pee on the floor in the middle of the night (when we're HOME) but almost never any other time.

    You are so great about making fun things for your classroom!

    1. Buddy once peed on the floor in the middle of the night. Otherwise he's pretty good.

      The kids loved the balloons today, it's fun when they are really into something I bring in!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I have resorted to putting baby gates up in my house. It is mostly to contain my husband's dog to the non carpeted areas in our home cus he is 14 and seems to be having more "accidents" lately!

    1. I think Buddy would either jump over or knock down a baby gate. I would need a deer fence to keep him in one room!


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