Thursday, March 6, 2014

Early night

I'm tired of being congested. And coughing. Not to whine, but it could stop any time now.

Buddy hates when I run on the treadmill. He likes to check every possible exit from the basement before settling down on his bed to wait it out. 

My training plan called for 6 miles today, but (in theory) I am going to get off work around 3 tomorrow so I swapped it for tomorrow's 2 miler. I'm not sure I had the energy for 6 after work today anyway.

Race day is sneaking up on me, a little over two weeks away now! I don't have a time goal yet, I've heard it's a pretty hilly course. So that's something I'll be thinking about before race day. It's been a couple of years since my last race so I'm not sure what a realistic goal will be. Maybe after my 10 miler this weekend I will have a better idea of where I'm at.

I'm calling it early tonight, I have to be at work earlier than usual tomorrow. On the bright side, it's Friday!


  1. Love how Buddy waits for you on the treadmill! How far is your race? ( i'm sure you must have said but i'm getting old and I

    1. It's a half marathon! I did a 10k in October, but otherwise I've been on a race break for almost two years! I blame it on living in Alaska, I never wanted to run outside.


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