Saturday, March 29, 2014

I drove old-lady slow

Happy Saturday!

I spent my morning cleaning glass off the driver's seat of the Jeep and driving it to the shop.

I drove up with no window, which was a little breezy, but at least it wasn't raining.

According to the guys at the shop, I don't look like the kind of person who drives a lifted Jeep. Shocking, I know.

They put "crash wrap" on the windows (with a little less finesse than I would have done), which made my drive home a little more exciting. You see, the thing about crash wrap is that you can't really see through it very well.

So I avoided left-hand turns like the plague, and only changed lanes when I absolutely had to. There were also a lot of police about so I drove old-lady slow.

On the bright side, the crash wrap should keep out the crazy amount of rain we're supposed to get this weekend. 

I (finally) started working on my lesson plans when I got home. Then Buddy and I decided to go for a run in the rain so I could get away from my lesson plans because we're cool like that.

Buddy was very excited to go, until he saw that it was raining. He lasted a little less than a mile before he was behind me and it looked like my dog was taking me for a run. We headed for home at that point and ended up at a little over a mile and a half.

Doesn't he look irritated with me?

Then it was back to planning. I hate planning - and by extension, this book:

There are an awful lot of empty squares.

And that's just one week.

Time to fill in some squares!

Do you like to run in the rain?


  1. Good work driving blind in a place you don't know!

    1. Thanks! It was mostly a straight shot down the highway so it wasn't too bad. Plus the driving really slow (also known as the speed limit) helped a lot too! ;)


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