Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm not very organized.

Some things about today:
  • Someone called me at 2:30am and 5:00am. I did not answer because I didn't want to talk to anyone at either of those times. They didn't leave a message so I have no idea who it was.
  • Work was pretty mellow, only 7 kids and way less crazy than earlier in the week. We made astronaut pudding (basically instant pudding in a ziplock), they had a lot of fun squishing it around in the bag. I squeezed the pudding into a bowl for them, I think it would have been a disaster to let them eat it out of the bag!
  • I had just settled in for a relaxing after work time when the doorbell rang. The neighbors stopped by to let me know that the windows were broken in Tom's Jeep. It clearly looks like something backed into it, breaking both the driver's side windows and the side mirror. So my relaxing evening was spent taping trash bags over the windows and talking to a police officer. 
  • While I was outside talking to the police man, Buddy ate the chicken that I as going to have for dinner. Thanks, dude.
  • I still haven't decided what I'm wearing for the race tomorrow, or even what time I am going to wake up. I'm not very organized.
  • I got my fitbit in the mail today. I'm really excited to play with use it, once I figure out what all the different flashing lights mean...

Time to start thinking about my game plan for the race tomorrow.

How far in advance do you plan for race morning?

Any race day routines?

1 comment:

  1. That was an exciting prerace day! Glad it all ended well. Except for your chicken, that is:)


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