Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's only Tuesday?

Crazy long day at work today. Not actually any longer than usual as far as hours, just seriously understaffed.

It is amazing how different a day goes with just one extra kid. The day really went well, it was just stressful and exhausting. And I'm a little proud that we didn't have any injuries. Large groups of toddlers tend to hurt each other when things get crazy.

The munchkins are all super excited for our water bead sensory bin. We have been "growing" a giant cup full (or two) of them the last couple days and almost have enough that we can play with them with minimal fighting.

Tom is busy doing laundry and packing for his next work adventure. Buddy knows something is up and is following him even more closely than usual. Soon the shadow dog will be back to following me everywhere.

He's going to miss his napping buddy.


  1. I hope you have a less stressful day at work today! Your pup is cute!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Buddy is pretty adorable, and he knows it :)

  2. Nice seeing a picture of Tom and his friend:)


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