Sunday, March 16, 2014

Last pre-race long run

First of all, these exist:

You're welcome.

I bought the second Hunger Games movie at target yesterday. I couldn't help myself. And then it ended up being on sale, so I win.

It kept me entertained for my run this afternoon. Today was my last long run before the race on Saturday. The race organizers just sent out a course change announcement. Some of the paths are still covered in snow so it looks like we will be spending more time on the highway, which is less fun.

My training plan has a tempo run on Thursday, which I will not be doing. I don't think you should do anything other than easy running that close to a race. I'll do a few relaxed miles during the week and try to get a reasonable amount of sleep so I'm ready to go on Saturday.

I love these shoes. Brooks has already moved on to the PureFlow 3s and I'm hoping they haven't changed them too much from the 2s. 

I might have to get another pair of 2s before they're all gone...

Buddy hates the basement.

And baths. He really hates baths. But he smelled extra doggy when he came over to "help" me stretch so it had to be done.

Are you devoted to a certain shoe/brand?


  1. devoted to Newtons! I am on my third pair with a fourth pair waiting in the closet! Only shoe that doesn't give me shin splints or make the balls of my feet swell up!

    katie @

    1. I haven't tried Newtons yet, I love all the colors they have though!


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