Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More projects?

Busy day with 11 kiddos today. Is it a full moon or something? They were extra nuts today. Like, a jumping on tables level of nuts.

We managed to get a few successful stamp projects out of the bunch (and a few who just wanted to paint their arms, of course) so that was good.

After I got off work (pretty much at 6 - lame), Buddy and I ran a couple of miles around the neighborhood. He was pretty excited. Now he's snoring away.

I am pretty proud that I made myself get out after a long, crazy day when I could have just as easily collapsed on the couch.

Now it's time to make egg shakers. Why did I put all these projects in my lesson plans?

Hopefully the duct tape is strong enough to keep them from ripping them apart in 30 seconds. They love making noise, so these should be a hit!

What are you proud of today?


  1. Busy, busy! I like the egg shakers. They look cute:)

    1. Thanks! They turned out well, the kids had a lot of fun with them.

  2. Those are cute! I bet my daughter would love those, but I'm not sure I'd love having them in the house.

    1. Thank you! The kids loved them - they definitely can't be out all day long or I'll go crazy!


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