Monday, March 24, 2014

More snacks please

All I did today was eat. I mean, I was at work and did all the things I needed to do (for 10 hours), but otherwise all I did was eat. And drink TONS of water. I get hungry every 20 minutes.

Since I knew I would need some extra snacks today, I brought some from my RunnerBox.

These were almost too crunchy, but the flavor was really good! I would totally eat these again.

I was sad when this was gone:

It was really good, chewy with lots of good coconut flavor, which I love. If I see these in the store I will not hesitate to buy them again.

My fitbit tells me that my normal day (work and walks with Buddy) is a little over 16,000 steps. And that's not even with any running! It allegedly translates to around 7 miles.

It's really a fun little gadget.

I'm off to feed the mutt and myself. I'm trying to get to bed early tonight - my boss told me I looked tired about 4 times today.

Are you insanely hungry for days after a race?

1 comment:

  1. That coconut bar sounds good. I am normally just the opposite. The more I run the more my appetite is suppressed. Weird I know.


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