Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Packet pickup!

Another long day at work, another short night before bed.

The sky was really pretty this morning:

I drove out to Westchester Road Runner to pick up my race packet and shirt after work. It's a smallish race, so mostly the packet is my number and a bunch of flyers for other races. The shirt is really soft, and I might actually wear it! I have all of my race tees but I never really wear any of them.

They give you 20% off anything you buy when you pick up your packet, so naturally I had to buy some things.

I managed to not buy any shoes or clothing (other than the socks) since I have bought both fairly recently.

As I was on the way out the door my boss let me know that I have to go in at 7 for the next week (instead of my beloved 7:30), which means I should be getting to bed soon.

Do you keep your race tees? Do you ever wear them?

1 comment:

  1. I keep all my race shirts and wear the tech ones often. Besides my disney 5K Tees, i've only ever got one cotton T and it was not flattering so I put it in the Goodwill pile!


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