Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shopping and goodbye snow!

My legs have nothing in them today. Maybe I went too hard on Thursday, or maybe I just need to get some rest. Either way I was not feeling it, so Buddy and I just went on our normal walk route and jogged a little. I wore my garmin so now I know that our loop is a little less than a mile.

Target is dangerous, in a good way.

This might just be my new favorite running tank. It is basically a sports bra with a loose (and long!) tank over the top. It's also the most comfortable thing ever. I might need to buy more in other colors.

It was the Transcend's first trip outside today - they've been treadmill-only so far.

The snow is finally almost gone!

 The things I do to my dog:

I don't think he minds.

I have been avoiding doing dishes for a while now. I kept doing little bits at a time, but I was falling behind. So, with the help of Pandora (and my Summer hits of the 90s station), I finally powered through and have a clean kitchen again.

Now enjoy some pictures of Buddy:

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