Sunday, March 30, 2014

So Funny

The Apple TV thought it would be funny to update the whole time I was running this afternoon (I wanted to get a few more miles in since Buddy was so anti-rain).

I apparently thought it would be funny to run without drinking enough water today.

We're pretty hilarious, the Apple TV and I.

I tried this out today from the RunnerBox:

Buddy thinks anything in my hand is meant for him.

No part of this little waffle tasted like lemon. If I hadn't read the packaging there is no way I would have known that was the alleged flavor. There isn't even lemon anything listed in the ingredients. I know a lot of people really like these, but they're not really my cup of tea. It was pretty sweet and a strange texture (the only way I can describe it is if a soggy graham cracker was somehow chewy).  So, not my favorite.

I decided that 9:30 on Saturday night was an excellent time to do my grocery shopping. It was nice, very quiet, and no lines at the check out!

I have grand plans for tomorrow - making a big breakfast, finishing up lesson plans, running, and doing laundry.

What's your Sunday look like?

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