Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Wonder Mutt

So, my computer is mostly fixed. I think. I ran a scan earlier that found over 300 issues/malware. Awesome.

We had a really good day at work today. We finally got to take the kiddos outside, which makes a huge difference! Also - they all napped.

I took Buddy on a little walk this morning, closed the bedroom and bathroom doors before I left, and left him out. No accidents and he was free from his crate all day!

It started raining this afternoon, but that won't stop the Wonder Mutt from going on his walk!


He was leading the way on the path we have been taking lately - he knows where he wants to go! 

My shin is back to normal, so while I still don't know what caused the pain, it's gone now. Tomorrow I'm back to running. How much depends on what time I get off work. My training plan calls for 8 with 6 at half marathon pace, but that might be a bit much for an after work run (especially if it is yet another 10 hour day).

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