Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This is not a drill

Today was a little crazy at work. Toward the end up nap time (when 4 kids were still sleeping) the fire alarm went off. We just had a fire drill last week, so we knew it wasn't a drill. So, we woke everyone up, and paraded our 10 crying kiddos out into the cold.

We were outside for about 15 minutes, and, other than some chilly munchkins, everything was fine. The highlight for my boys were the two police cars, two fire trucks and an ambulance that came to make sure everything was under control.

My legs were feeling infinitely better today so I decided to do a few easy miles on the treadmill after Buddy and I went on our walk. It felt good to move again, even if it has only been a few days.

For dinner I made my favorite combo of kale, rice, and black beans.

Covered in hot sauce. Yum.

Tomorrow (last week, if I'm being honest) I need to work on my lesson plans. For real. April is very soon!

How soon after a race do you usually run again?


  1. I like the trippy angle of that picture of you!

  2. Yikes! I hate real alarms. Glad the truck & police car saved the day!


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